November 1, 2010

Justin Wisniewski Week: "Orion..."

This week I'm going to present my own work. I'll give some background information as well.

Justin Wisniewski

Orion (A Constellation)

This is the largest drawing I've made so far (54" tall). It is an image of a fictional constellation although it is based on the real constellation Orion. I've made a lot of drawings and prints based on star formations (because I love backyard astronomy) and I love creating my own constellations.

The figure is based on Ayn Rand although I wouldn't say it looks like her at all. You could say I used Ayn Rand's spirit as a model for this character. This is why she is holding a coin in her right hand (among other things.) The darts are intended to indicate she has been attacked, and despite being nude (and therefore vulnerable) she's unscathed, confident, strong and relaxed.

This drawing is actually the second attempt at this work. I destroyed the first version which was a slightly smaller drawing of the same model that had problems due to some anatomical mistakes and the fact that it was drawn on a piece of paper that was ill-suited for the task. Since both pieces are very large graphite drawings with minute details and highly considered marks, they both took a very long time to finish and my back hurt the whole time I drew them.

It might be difficult to see in this small image, but all the tonalities are created by thin, long lines that cover the whole image. If you can't see them, other works this week will indicate what I mean. Everything is drawn in these directional lines that serve three purposes. First they render the image. Second, they help to create the sense of solidity in the subjects by describing the contours of the objects. Third, they create an "optical illusion" of sliding lines and vibrating forms (for instance, the star points.) This is a perceptual effect no different from effects created by "optical illusions" and so-called "Op Art."

This piece now hangs in the Art House in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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