December 23, 2010

Angelia Stone Parish's Pick: Justine H. Parish's "Justin with Rowdy"

Today is a very special posting because the piece was selected by a guest-blogger, Angelia Stone Parish. If would like to host this blog for a day, feel free to email me here.

Justine Parish

Angelia: "This is 'Justin with Rowdy', completed 2008, the last painting by Justine H. Parish. It was an honor to have known Justine for part of her full and beautiful life. Her family portraits are treasures, each one a project of love."

Justin Wisniewski: Because of Angelia's intimate connection with this painting, I asked her a few questions about it...
  • What made you choose this painting over others?
I knew I wanted to choose from Justine's paintings. This one in particular because of my memory of my first time seeing it when it was in progress: the sunlight, its depiction of love, and the way it captures Justin's manner.
  • Who is the boy?
He is the artist's grandson.
  • Who is the dog?
The grandson's Springer Spaniel.
  • Is this intended to be an artistic description of a specific thing (the relationship between the boy and the dog for instance) or do you think it's a more general statement about life or both?
I don't know her intent - but for me, I am reminded that our time raising children is painfully short - they grow and are gone.
  • Did the artist ever share any thoughts on art or on life that you found rang true or were interesting?
Only what I observed - very interesting to me was how she studied every tiny aspect of her current project in great detail. Whether this was cause or effect, I do not know - but I found this to be her approach to her life - she was involved with great detail.

Thanks, Justin, for the opportunity to share a painting I love.
- Angelia Stone Parish


  1. Angelia - I love that you chose this painting. Justine was a very special lady - you are so right that she was involved with great detail! Everything in her life reflected that, including her art. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. This painting brings back many memories of Justine. She and I were in the same art class and sat next to each other for a couple of years. She was indeed involved in detail and incorporated every one, no matter how tiny, into her paintings. That is part of what made her art so beautiful. After this lovely, gracious lady left us I moved over to the easel she used when she painted this picture. I miss her still.

  3. What a treat to see this painting again! I had the great fortune to be Justine's art teacher for the last five years of her life and am so very grateful to have experienced her lovely charm and grace. She took great pains with all of her portraits to get every little detail just right so that her beloved subjects were represented to perfection.