January 2, 2011

Dan Downes' Pick: Lord Frederic Leighton's "An Athlete Wrestling with a Python"

Once again I invited an Objectivist to host this blog for the day and today's art object was chosen by Dan Downes. If would like to host this blog for a day, feel free to email me here.

"What I see in this work is that there is no animal so deadly that a man can't beat it"

- Dan Downes

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  1. Thanks again for inviting me to nominate an art work.

  2. Funnily enough, I saw this over the summer, at the Tate in London.

    Some snaps I took of it, if you'd like greater detail:




  3. That's where I encountered it!

    In the same room was a 'sculpture' called 'oak tree' which was a glass of water on a shelf bout 7 or 8 feet up, with a board telling viewers that it is (not that it represents, but that it IS) an oak tree. Why the hell anyone would choose non-objective art is beyond me.

  4. In the Tate of all places... I mean, there's the Tate Modern over on the Southbank which is supposed to be reserved for all that crap. :P