January 4, 2011

Rory Hodgson's Pick: John Collier's "Thomas Henry Huxley"

Once again I invited an Objectivist to host this blog for the day and today's art object was chosen by Rory Hodgson. If would like to host this blog for a day, feel free to email me here.

Below is Rory's reaction to this painting:

"Huxley is relaxed over his books, and strangely, he playfully holds a skull. Combined with a slight, wry smile in his face, he is evidently having a bit of fun, as he stands confidently with his hand in his pocket. This is a smart man, a man who knows what's what. At the same time however, he isn't a cocky bastard. This is a relaxed man, not a braggart. He is comfortable, secure, confident and proud. His eyes are shadowed, exaggerating the solemnity in his face, to add weight to the otherwise rather wry character."

Rory's blog can be found here.

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