February 1, 2011

Arno Breker Week: Despicable Man, Good Sculptor

arno breker one objectivist's art object of the day

I have never seen the full image of this sculpture and there is a good chance none exists. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful detail shot.

UPDATE 7/30/2012:

Found it.  Actually, it was in my computer files all along.

arno breker one objectivist's art object of the day

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  1. The sculpture is called “Berufung”. The title can be interpreted many ways, but I believe the most appropriate translation must be “The Calling”.

    Is one of Breker´s best works, and is also my personal favorite. The man´s head is very expressive. His face shows a slight yet spontaneous surprise, maybe even fear. I especially like the languid pose, the minucious detail of the muscles and hair, and the smoothness of the skin.

    There is something mesmerizing in the majority of Breker´s sculptures, and “Berufung” is a good example.



    It´s a pity that the photographs of his works are so few.