February 3, 2011

Arno Breker Week: Despicable Man, Good Sculptor

Someone sent me a link to a very interesting website about Breker and his work. The more I looked through it, not only was his history very interesting, but there were many more wonderful pieces of art there. The website is in French and it located here.

A sad story to read there involved students protesting and barring the public's entrance to a Breker exhibition in the 1970's (I think--I tried to find the story again but the website is large and I couldn't find it.) Of course, I never saw the exhibit so it could have been a pro-Nazi affair, but I seriously doubt it. If it was not a pro-Nazi exhibition, those students should learn that there is not an art museum anywhere in the world that isn't full of artwork by murderers, racists, sexists, commissions from aggressive nations, socialists, tyrants and dictators with plans for world domination. Art expertise is precisely the ability to separate out the that which is essential to art from that which is non-essential.

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