March 12, 2011

"At the moment she hefted the makeshift weapon..." and "Equestrian Portrait of a Boy"

justin wisniewski
Today's post will have two unrelated images.  The first is a drawing by me, the second is a painting by Australian painter, George Lambert.

"At the moment she hefted the makeshift weapon, she noticed that the storm was merely the rain."

 I am now selling 8 x 10” prints of this drawing!
These prints are suitable for framing, printed on acid-free/archival paper that has been UV coated. The drawing’s title can be read at the bottom and each print is signed with an archival ink pen.

$9.99 + $2 shipping. 

Despite it's small size this drawing took a very long time to make.  This is because the paper it was drawn on was white and the rainy streaks are just areas that were left white after drawing all the background lines.  I am really happy with the way this technique worked and I definitely intend to use it again.  Whenever I draw figures holding weapons I like to use relatively ordinary objects, which brings the situation closer to home for me.  I personally don't own any real weapons, but F-clamps are objects that are close to my day-to-day life.   
"Equestrian Portrait of a Boy"
This is a painting by the Australian painter, George Lambert.  I admit that I haven't seen that many works by Australian artists, but Lambert is easily my favorite.

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