March 7, 2011

Francois-Joseph Navez's "Massacre of the Innocents"


  1. this painting “Massacre of the Innocents”, I should say Sirs, is the greatest ever I’ve seen or the deepest ever a painting has touched me! I’d start praising its exquisite detail. Curls in the blonde hair, reflection of the white cloth on the brass vessel, all those expressive eyes, the detail and reflection in the clothes worn. Amazing. the surrounding setting itself and the sadness and worry in the painting. I would stop here and recommend anyone to check it out in the MET museum in New York. Get shot after you observe the carving of the name Navez and the year on the brass vessel

  2. i Loved this painting too and was struck by his use of light. I saw it at the MoMA in New York April 2012