April 24, 2011

The Glory of American Money - 1907 $5 Note

On this Day in the History of Art: Library of Congress established (1800), Anthony Trollope born (1815), the Woolworth building opens (1913), Bridget Riley born (1931)

Men who have no courage, pride, or self-esteem, men who have no moral sense of their right to their money and are not willing to defend it as they defend their life, men who apologize for being rich – will not remain rich for long."

- Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged

Creation Date: 1907
Media: intaglio print

What I love about this image is the dignity with which this American man is portrayed. His feet and hands are posed with both strength and grace. He stands in front of his wife and child in a way that demonstrates that should he need to stand in front of them to protect them he could do the job. He is a hard-working, productive man who survives and prospers by his own efforts and the artist casts this type of person in a positive light.

If this man were alive today I can't help but think about how he would vote, what would be his attitude towards current events and many contemporary ideas.

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