April 9, 2011

Lorenzo Bartolini's "Portrait of Napoleone Elisa Baciocchi"

On this Day in Art History: Edward Muybridge born (1830), Victor Vasarely born (1908)

Nationality: Italian
Born/Died: 1777-1850

Creation Date:
Size: 44.5 x 15 .25 in. (113 x 39 cm)
Location: Cleveland Museum of Art, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Media: Marble

This is a sculpture of Napoleon's niece. The wall-label for this piece remarked that although it may be strange for a contemporary audience to see depictions of nude children, this was common throughout European art history. I personally don't see why it would be an issue but perhaps contemporary audiences would be shocked by it.

The bee was one of Napoleon's symbols.

I like this dog's ear.

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