May 6, 2011

Sandro Botticelli's "The Trials of Moses"

On this Day in the History of Art: Rome sacked by Spanish and German troops, which some historians mark as the end of the Renaissance (1527), Stolen "Guitar Player" by Johannes Vermeer recovered (1974)

Nationality: Italian
Born-Died: 1445 - 1510
Creation Date: 1481-1482
Size: 137.2 in × 220 in. (348.5 cm × 558 cm)
Media: Fresco
Location: Sistine Chapel, Rome, Italy

Botticelli is a very interesting figure in the history of art because not only is his work really great, but he was virtually forgotten for hundreds of years.

Not many people know that the Sistine Chapel in Rome has many painted works in addition to the famous works by Michelangelo and this is one such work that was painted there. Although this image may appear to present one scene with many figures (and it is painted to appear that way), the painting was intended to depict various scenes from the life of Moses. He is shown here wearing yellow robes, sometimes with a green garment performing various actions throughout the image such as leading the Jews to the promised land, killing an Egyptian for harassing someone, and taking off his shoes which I believe is something he is said to have done before coming into the presence of God in the Old Testament.

Sandro Botticelli Trial of Moses

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