June 11, 2011

Gerard Ter Borch's "Margaetha van Haexbergen"

Nationality: Dutch
Born/Died: 1617–1681

Creation Date:
c. 1666–67
Size: 32 x 26 in. (81.3 x 65.1 cm)
Media: Oil on canvas
Location: The Metropolitan Museum, New York City, USA

This is the companion piece to yesterday's post and they hang side by side at the Met--I assume they are a husband and wife. Like yesterday's post, this painting seems to be incredibly austere at first glance, but upon closer inspection there are little hints of wealth peaking out behind the drab facade such as the earings, subtle sequins on the chair and trim. To me, it is as if the sitter's self-esteem is peaking out.

Photos by me.

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