June 29, 2011

Unknown Portrait by Thomas Sully

Nationality: English
Born/Died: 1783-1872

Location: Private Collection

This is an image of a Thomas Sully painting that I saw being sold at an online auction for a very low price. Since Sully is still a relatively famous artist the low price might seem strange...until you see the painting. This painting is in absolutely awful condition. I think it is interesting to see a work that was probably very expensive and cherished at one time only to be abandoned in an attic or basement for a couple hundred years.

This second image has been digitally manipulated by me.
I altered the colors and enhanced the contrast in order to see it a little more clearly. I also distorted the image so that it would appear flat instead of viewed from an angle. I can only speculate as to what the painting would really look like if it were cleaned and restored but perhaps this doctored image could give a clue to it's potential.

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