June 18, 2011

Unknown Work by Richard Treaster

Nationality: American

Richard Treaster was an artist from the Cleveland area but few people that I know there know his work. Apparently he enjoyed a long, successful career and was so successful he was able to leave his day-job teaching at the Cleveland Institute of Art--a feat repeated by few there. I have only seen a few of his watercolors in person and I assume most of them are in private collections, but the few that I have seen were very nice. I think his critics say he was "too commercial" but since that criticism is completely irrational I simply dismiss it outright.

Ironically, after college I had the good fortune to be friends and roommates with Treaster's grandson for many years and I could see right away that my friend's mom had been painted in several portraits.


  1. Richard Treaster was my watercolor instructor at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1971-1972. I always admired his paintings and style. Our painting class lasted 7 hours with a lunch break and Mr. Treaster made rounds and sat with each student every class and talked about art and life. I looked forward to my time with him every week hoping some of his talent and wisdom would stay with me forever. I still have the painting that he inspired me to create through his spirituality.

    1. Really? That is wonderful! (Sorry it took me two years to respond to this.)

    2. Mr. Treaster was also my life drawing instructor in 1973. He was a fine painter and artist but a bit full of himself. I was put in 3rd year painting as a freshman and left CIA in one year to study privately. I donlt have fond memories of my short trek at the Institute, pretty boring and confining actually. ~Marc

    3. Dick Treaster was my watercolor instructor at the Cleveland Institute of Art in 1968. His influence on me was incalculable. His work inspired me, and actually led me to meet Andrew Wyeth at his home in Chadd's Ford,PA. His approach to painting, was, as he said, emmpirical. You must paint what you know with sensitivity and knowledge. He was a caring and nurturing teacher and I once was so excited when he asked me to help him hang a show of his work at the flower and garden center in Cleveland. I stayed in touch with Dick for many years after graduation and I was saddened by his untimely parting.