July 3, 2011

Sketch by Ken Dingwall

Nationality: Scottish
Born/Died: 1938
Creation Date: 2001
Media: Graphite on paper
Location: Collection of Justin Wisniewski and Laura Bell

Ken Dingwall was a painting teacher of mine at the Cleveland Institute of Art. I admit that as a student I often didn't often understand his advice, but after graduation when I had more time to think about the things he used to say, I was able to see just how wise he was.

This is a small sketch he made in my sketchbook during a meeting in my studio. He was getting annoyed with my bad drawing habits so with this little sketch he reminded me to shade in the major values before worrying about the smaller details. That was a lesson I never forgot and I think it is because I saved this little sketch.

When I was recently studying in Edinburgh, where Ken now lives, he mentioned that I should drop him a line to meet up but I was so busy with school that I never got around to it which is something I regret. Maybe my next visit there will include a quick visit.

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