December 9, 2011

Art I Hate and Why: Fernando Botero's "Man on Horse"

Nationality: Columbian
Born-Died: 1932-

Creation Date: 1992
Size: 25.125 x 34.875 inch (63.8 x 88.5cm)
Media: Bronze
Location: The Israel Museum, Jeruselem, Israel
Not only is Botero a mediocre artist, (this is one of his better works) but his view of man is hate-filled buried in cutesiness—a kind of defeated smile of acceptance in regards to what he believes is stupid and evil.  When I see artists ridicule the good, the serious, the capable, the majestic, the beautiful, the graceful, the heroic, I don’t believe it is because those artists have some sort of special knowledge about the nature of human beings.  Alternatively I think it is because they have a view of themselves as bad, absurd, incapable, lowly, ugly, graceless and cowardly.  To me, that is sad. 
This sculpture is an obvious parody of heroic images of men.

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