December 1, 2011

Justin Wisniewski's "The self-sacrificer contemplated new ways of watering the plants"

Nationality: All American
Born-Died: 1978 -
Creation Date: 2011
Size: 9.875 x 5.625 inch (25.08 x 14.2875cm)
Media: 24K gold (goldpoint) on acrylic and gouache primed masonite
Location: Collection of the artist, USA
Justin WisniewskiThis is a goldpoint drawing.  It was drawn with a small stick of pure, 24K gold on a piece of masonite which was primed with an abrasive titanium ground.  It's just like drawing with a pencil only the metal filings which make up the drawing are much more permanent.  They will never fade or change color (because gold is inert) and they cannot be erased either.  Essentially, this drawing will last as long as the substrate it is drawn on lasts.

1 comment:

  1. That is a very interesting media. A practical use for gold. There are so few.