January 3, 2012

Starting the Year with Johannes Vermeer: "Diana and Her Companions"

Nationality: Dutch
Born-Died: 1632-1675

Creation Date: c.1653-1556
Size: 38.8 × 41 inch (98.5 × 105 cm)
Media: Oil on canvas
Location: Mauritshuis, The Hague, Netherlands

Authorship of this painting has been disputed over the centuries, but many art historians now believe it was painted by Vermeer.  The original signature read "J.V. Meer" which would seem to indicate Johannes Vermeer (when he was younger he would sometimes sign his name "van der Meer.") Johannes was not the only painter named "Vermeer" in Delft, which has fueled the flame of mystery, but it is considered likely to be by Johannes Vermeer. 

Unfortunately, this painting has been manipulated a great deal since it's creation: portions of it have been re-painted and it has been cropped.  Manipulation of paintings is more common than you might think.

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