March 15, 2012

Jewel Kilcher's "The Walmart Song"

Nationality: American
Born-Died: 1974-
Creation Date: 2012
Size: 00:03:05
Media: Music

Is this a good song?  Well, it's cute, but it's not for me.  However, I'm posting it today because I find it absolutely incredible that 1.) Jewel sang a song about Walmart and 2.) a celebrity dared to depict Walmart in a positive light. 
What a bizarre occurrence!  I'm sure this is going to open up a huge can of worms for whatever remains of Jewel's career, but I applaud her performance because I don't have any problem with Walmart.  And I'm not ignorant of many of the criticisms.  I wouldn't be in the least bit surprised if the celebrities that criticize capitalism and corporations like Walmart have their products sold there.  However, I wouldn't be surprised if Jewel herself had anti-capitalist leanings in that I saw the nigh-socialist Green Party of America once used a quote by her on their home page. 

Sadly, I can already see that an unusually large number of people "disliked" this peppy little song.  

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