July 21, 2012

A Week of Winsor McCay's Editorial Cartoons for Objectivists, Day 5

Nationality: American
Born-Died: 1869-1934

I think this is about whether to engage in World War I or not.  Uncle Sam here is right--he has plenty of his own work to do.

one objectivist's art object of the day winsor mccay editorial cartoon


  1. Is kinda weird (may i say ironic?) to think the american approach towards foreign affairs (more concretely, the "mainstream american goverment approach") seems to have been very much reversed in current times, favoring at all costs the militar interventionism in detriment of its own people´s selfinterest. Every nation in the world already has its own problems and needs, and in my personal opinion is irrealistic, not to mention counterproductive (many wars have demostrated it) to be looking for the problems and needs of everybody around the globe in the base of a supposed "good samaritanism", wich by the way (there are reasons to do so) I seriously doubt that is completely honest. Interesting cartoon by the way, I like the artworks you have posted.

    1. Thanks for your input--I'm glad you are enjoying these works. I suspect what you are referring to derives from altruist ethics.

    2. I would say that only a very minor part in the subtext of "global interventionism" underlies in true altruism. Maybe a lot of the people (the so called "populace", without the intention of being derogative) is persuaded that is authentically the case, but I wouldn´t be so optimistic, specially because the majority of the last interventionisms (particularly of the militar type) have been pushed by fundamentally political and economical reasons, independently of the needs, the context, the desitions and even the sovereignity of the foreign nation, what I wouldn´t consider the exact definition of “altruism”. Anyway, your blog has very good pictures, and I like your texts. I also have comented in and older post, about Arno Breker, not many people know about this sculptor, and I certainly apreciate a "thematic week" dedicated to his works.

    3. I'm so glad you are enjoying it and I appreciate your input! Stay tuned--I've got more commentary coming tomorrow.