July 12, 2012

Unknown Digital Image by Unknown Artist

Media: Digital 

I know nothing about this design but I think it's great.  If you know who made this, please tell me and I'll give them the credit they deserve.  The color choices here are great, it's well composed and the arrangements of the shapes in relation to each other are interesting as well.  It would be easy to dismiss this as a "mere cartoon" but this image shows more artistic skill than a lot of works in galleries and museums.  


  1. Doing a drag-and-drop Google image search (did you know you could do that?), looks like it was produced by someone named Xavier Ramonède, who has a DeviantArt website. A few of his other works are good, but certainly not all of them.

    1. Thank you! I did know about the reverse google image search but my computer is old and I can't do it unfortunately. I'll look up the name you said and try to verify the authorship--thank you!!!