July 17, 2012

A Week of Winsor McCay's Editorial Cartoons for Objectivists, Day 1

Nationality: American
Born-Died: 1869-1934

I found these in two books called "Winsor McCay: Early Works III" and "IX" and they are really great.  I think other Objectivists will enjoy them.  Looking through his work I am very impressed by how  he supported the free market, industry, science, freedom and how anti-religion and superstition he was.  His work is not above criticism however.  He very often cast wealth, money and greed in a negative light while glorifying immoralities such as public education.  In any case, his drawings are fantastic and many of the ideas are too.  I hope you enjoy them as I do!

This first one is AMAZING.

one objectivist's art object of the day winsor mccay editorial cartoon

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