March 16, 2011

Unusual Depictions of Jesus Week: Claude Mellan's "Sudarium of Saint Veronica"

(Special thanks to Angelia for her donation!)

Throughout history Christan mythology has been depicted with great variety. Because images of Jesus are so common in the history of art, I thought it would be interesting to explore some of the more unusual works.
Although I consider this piece to be a mediocre work of art, this engraving is one of the most technically proficient, and in that regard, visually spellbinding works I have ever seen. It is a depiction of a depiction--an image of Veronica's veil that, according to the myth, was said to bear the likeness of Jesus after he wiped his face on her cloth. Playing off the "miraculous" nature of that image, Mellan used it as an opportunity to demonstrate his "miraculous" skill. I'm fortunate to have seen a print from this block in person. You really have to see the close-up image of it to appreciate it and I suggest clicking on the full image below as well to really experience the artist's technique and the "optical" effect that occurs while looking at it.

Claude Mellan Sudarium of Saint Veronica Jesus


Claude Mellan Sudarium of Saint Veronica Jesus

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