March 16, 2011

Unusual Depictions of Jesus Week: Visual Interpretations of Miraculous Powers

Throughout history Christan mythology has been depicted with great variety. Because images of Jesus are so common in the history of art, I thought it would be interesting to explore some of the more unusual works.

If my memory serves me I do not think that the miracles performed in the New Testament have descriptions of visual phenomena. Perhaps there are bright lights with one or two, but usually the event just seems to occur without much visual grandeur associated with it. While halos and back-lighting are standard, there are not that many paintings of Jesus that show him performing acts accompanied by lights, shapes and colors. To me these images make Jesus look like some kind of wizard casting a magical spell.

William Holman Hunt's Christ and the Two Marys


  1. Do not use artists works without giving them credit. It doesn't matter whether you like them or not - or whether they are great works. If someone else created it, you need to give names when you use the work.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I do my best. I would love to give credit to the creators of these works, but I simply don't know who made them.

  2. Las dos Ășltimas pinturas son de James Tissot.