June 24, 2011

Michel Gondry and Björk's "Bachelorette"

This is another video directed by Michel Gondry which has similarities to the Kylie Minogue video. Both involve a simple situation that grows in complexity and eventually becomes more and more disorganized. In this video the organizational breakdown takes the form of natural reclamation and the process climaxes with a return to the starting point.

I find interpreting these events to be difficult and the most general statement I can draw from the work is a statement about the futility of human action. I find myself trying to draw some kind of moral stance from the work, such as "learn to leave well enough alone" but there are no scenes where the character is shown making any errors--except perhaps by acting at all.

The music here fits with the narrative so well that it is easy for me to forget that the music was recorded before the video. Both the music and the video encompass a grand scale and both have an uncomfortable tension or feeling of impending disaster.

In short, although I wouldn't enjoy watching it every day, this is an excellent work of art.

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