June 23, 2011

Michel Gondry and Kylie Minogue's "Come Into My World"

Today's post is another excellent work of art in the genre of the music video. Unlike the Massive Attack video I do not like this song, but that isn't to say it is a bad song.

It is unfortunate that there is no relationship between the lyrics of the song and the content of the video--it seems like the idea for the video could have been applied to just about any song--but it was a good choice to unify the music and the narrative by matching the rhythm of the music with the pace of the performer. The sequence of events is incredibly ambitious and clever despite it's simplicity. The actions performed don't really result in any kind of meaningful climax, but it's interesting to watch the chaos build as the quantity increases. I can't even imagine how much meticulous planning went into this work!

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