June 17, 2011

Theresa Schmotzer's "For the Innocent"

Nationality: American

Size: 10.75 x 8.5 in. (49 x 77 cm)
Media: Etching in (drypoint) on paper
Location: The Cleveland Artists Foundation, Lakewood, Ohio, USA

While not all of Theresa Schmotzer's work is great she did make a good quantity of prints, drawings and watercolors that were quite nice. In particular I remember once seeing a relatively large etching she made of several figures that I thought was wonderful. I remember noting that Schmotzer liked to include interesting and intricate patterns on the outfits that her young women wore and that those patterns looked particularly nice in drypoint. I also enjoyed that her work had a unique style and compositional approach despite it's occasional shortcomings. Unfortunately I have not seen very many works by her although I am sure that I have seen more than most people since I have had the opportunity to work with CAF permanent collection at length. Although I like this piece I wish I had more images of her work in my image library. This particular print is what she is best known for, but it is generous of me to say "known" in this circumstance.

I personally would be very interested to see a thorough, well-presented exhibition of her work. I suspect that such an exhibition could only happen at CAF yet I seriously doubt this idea will ever come to pass. Instead of going out on a limb and doing something new and perhaps a little daring, CAF will probably continue it's dusty parade of "Cleveland Goes Modern" and "Recent Acquisitions" shows for the enjoyment of the same board members year after year. Cleveland has much more to offer than the same home-town heroes (who are practically unknown as far away as Pittsburgh) whose works are shown year after year and it was always bittersweet to see works in their collection that will never see the light of day despite the fact that they had merit.

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