June 16, 2011

Works by Emma Lane Payne

Nationality: American
Born/Died: 1874-1935

Location: Private Collection

Emma Lane Payne was another artist whose work I enjoyed when I worked at the Cleveland Artists Foundation and I was fortunate to install the exhibition of her paintings seen below. She was not a great artist, but some of her work was genuinely very nice and sometimes her color sensibilities were very good. I wish I had more images of her work but unfortunately these images, all of which were taken by me, are all I have.

The exhibition was nice, but it should have been edited better. It was too much like a hodgepodge of all her work instead of a showcase of her best work. Also, far too many pieces were given titles by other people under the guise of a "descriptive title." I have already discussed this shameful practice in a previous post but I would like to repeat my criticism of it as it is wholly pointless and extremely disrespectful.

Apologies for the "12" in the corner of this piece--it was from the camera and not part of the original painting.

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