November 21, 2011

Michael Sweerts Week: "Young Man and the Procuress"

Nationality: Flemish
Born/Died: 1618-1664

Creation Date: c. 1660
Size: 7.5 x 10.6 in. (19 x 27 cm)
Media: Oil on copper
Location: Louvre, Paris, France

Considering how small this painting is it is very realistic and solid looking.  I am also inrigued by the fact that it is painted on a sheet of copper, which is uncommon and, from my understanding, difficult to do when you consider how easily the paint can flake off after a few years or even months.  That being said, I think many painters (such as myself) are tempted to paint on sheets of metal because they obviously last longer than canvas or any kind of wood-based panel. 

I really like the male figure in this painting, but the old woman is practically a cartoon.  I would like it better if the woman wasn't even there.

1 comment:

  1. The old woman is a different quality of painting altogether. I'm not even sure it's the same artist. I wonder if there was something else there before. He's looking at her forehead.