July 30, 2012

John Hoppner "The Honourable Lucy Byng"*

Seven works of art I would like to see at the Frick

I recently visited New York and seeing the Frick was part of my plans, but due to time constraints I couldn't do it.  Anyway, in an effort to turn lemons into lemonade, I'm going to post seven works of art from the Frick that I wish I could have seen.  

Nationality: English
Born-Died: 1758-1810
Creation Date: Late 1700's
Size: 30.1 × 25  in (76.5 × 63.5 cm)
Media: Oil on canvas 
Location: The Frick Collection, New York City, New York, USA

This painting is gorgeous and appeals to my personal interest in Jane Austen.  I've never seen this image before and I love it!  I only wish I could have seen it at the Frick.

* I believe this is correct.

John Hoppner Lucy Byng One Objectivist's Art Object of the Day

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